Monday, 22 December 2008

Lincolnshire Butcher

Steppe Grey Shrike Grainthorpe Haven Lincolnshire

After having met its unfortunate demise at the hands of a hunting Sparrowhawk (with a clear preference for local, mega rare, and extremely showy vagrants) the new year begins with a gap in the year list, for the many birders who would have paid a visit to grainthorpe on January 1st. Hardly surprising when you consider the various factors that were stacked up aginst it, in favour of its premature departure....

Its obvious, its lazy, it sits on top of bushes/tripods, it contrasts with the surrounding fields, its a reasonable size/easy to catch, and its probably so stuffed full with meal worms that its almost incapable of flight!!

P.S. Did anyone else notice that there were Lapland Buntings, flying around calling or was it just us youngsters?