Just a small slection of what could be out there to catch... a number of which are common and widespread species, spending the summer nights visiting many urban gardens.

Swallow-tailed Moth (Bedford) My personal favourite

Buff Arches (Norfolk)

V-Pug (Bedford)

Feathered Thorn (Norfolk)

Mottled Beauty (Norfolk)

Dark Tussock (Dungeness)

Small Ranunculus (Bedford) A species expanding its range after being thought extinct

Merveille du Jour (Norfolk) "Marvel of the day" A late autumn beauty

Brindled Green (Norfolk)

Large Ranunculus (Bedford)

Brown-spot Pinion (Norfolk)

Dusky-lemon Sallow (Bedford) A scarce species nationally and a notable record for the county

Red Underwing (Bedford) Sometimes found during the day resting inside, or on the walls of, outdoor buildings

White Spot (Dungeness)

Toadflax Brocade (Dungeness)

Maidens Blush (Norfolk)

Blood Vein (Norfolk)

Yellow-barred Brindle (Bedford)

 Early Thorn (Norfolk)

 Archer's Dart (Norfolk)

White Point (Norfolk)

 Shore Wainscot (Holme)

 Crescent (Norfolk)

 Webb's Wainscot (Norfolk)

Spectacle (Norfolk)

Antler Moth (Norfolk)

Barred Rivulet (Norfolk)

Copper Underwing (Norfolk)

Coxcomb Prominent (Norfolk)

Double Lobed (Norfolk)

Iron Prominent (Norfolk)

Oak Eggar (Norfolk)

Olive (Norfolk)

Silver Y (Norfolk)

Rosy Rustic (Norfolk)

Twin-spot Carpet (Norfolk)

White Satin (Norfolk)

Suspected (Norfolk)

Pink Hawk-moth (Norfolk)

Lilac Beauty (Norfolk)

Blackneck (Bedford)

Bordered Beauty (Norfolk)

Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (Bedford)

Elephant Hawk-moth (Norfolk)

Garden Carpet (Bedford) A distinctive individual, with an unusually pointed and narrow dark band on the wing

Grey Arches (Norfolk)

Lunar-spotted Pinion (Norfolk)

Peach Blossom (Norolk)

Lesser Broad-bordered yellow Underwing (Bedford)

Rosy Footman (Norfolk)

Privet Hawk-moth (Bedford)

Poplar Grey (Norfolk)