Thursday, 29 January 2009

Yorkshire LEOs

Two of a group of 5 birds, roosting at Fairburn Ings (click for bigger images!)

For me, the main attraction of Fairburn is the presence of Willow Tits, that can be more of less guaranteed, on the feeders outside the visitor centre - a sight that is becoming increasingly rare for us down in the south, where the species struggles to maintain a foothold in a number of the home county's. Hanging on in Norfolk, at a small number is sights, they are now very rare in Bedfordshire, and have more than likely been lost as a breeding species. Very similar to Marsh Tit, but generally not to tricky to tell apart if seem well, and for a long enough period of time. The thick "bull necked " appearance is particularly striking, if seen from the right angle, as is the pale wing pannel and the warm, peach coloured flanks. Always worth the effort to see.

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