Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Small Ranunculus

Small Ranunculus Bedford

An unexected surprise from the garden moth trap. This species became extinct in Britain in the early part of the 20th centuary, but was re-discovered in kent in 2002, from where it has expanded its range northwards, as far as the English Midlands.

A visit to Willington (26th) produced a welcome selection of breeding species, with three young Ringed Plovers and at least 12 Common Terns on the largest island of the main lake, whilst the pair of Lesser Black-backed Gulls, had successfully reared three well grown young. The first time the species has bred on the main lake. A pair of Oystercatcher were on the remains of the pits opposite the river, along with two broods of Tufted Duck, hanging on in the one corner of the pit that hasnt yet been filled in...

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