Monday, 17 October 2011

October catch up

After the pain of missing it on the local patch, October began with a Wednesday morning trip to Boyton Marshes, where the Sandhill Crane had been present since Sunday afternoon, feeding in the open fields behind the sea wall. The 2nd individual in recent years after the 2009 bird on Orkney, which had ended the 18 year wait for British birders, after the previous Shetland bird back in 1991.

Sandhill Crane Boyton Marshes Suffolk

Initially feeding at long range, the bird flew in to the far side of the nearest field, where it remained for much if the morning, before flying to the grazing fields opposite the sea wall where the bottom two pictures were taken. A single Willow Emerald provided an added bonus, resting in one of the Alder trees behind the standing crowd.

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