Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Grafham double

A return visit to Grafham water was rewarded with excellent views of both the adult Sabine's Gull and the two Grey Phalaropes, which were feeding together off of the dam, sometimes all three in the same telescope view!

Grey Phalarope Always exiting to see, no matter how many times you see them.

Adult Sabines Gull My 1st inland Sabs, and only my second adult, following the summering bird at Lowestoft in 2003.

The bird originally started off, feeding in the bays at the NW corner of Marlow car park, where it spent a lot of time on the wing, dropping down to feed in typical Tern like fashion, passing to within a few feet of the shoreline. Once at the dam, it spent most of its time sat on the water, picking food off of the surface, just out from the breaking waves, but also came in to rest and preen on the dam wall, above the shoreline. An adult Arctic Tern (my first ever inland bird!) made regular close range circuits, and a Peregrine was seen over the surrounding fields.

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