Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Little Bittern

Little Bittern Titchwell Norfolk

Although generally elusive, a bit of luck and patience was eventually rewarded with some very close and prolonged views, on the edge of the 1st reedbed pool, where the above images were taken. Difficult to get any pictures through the scope, due to the high viewing angle on the bank and tightly packed crowds, but enough room to stand and get excellent views, just with the bins. The bird is just about visible in the lower image, sat on a floating bulrush stem at the base of the reeds, where it sat in the open fishing, for several minutes.

The juvenile Buff breasted Sandpiper showed well, in the company of a single Ruff and Dunlin on the Brackish marsh, and a Juvenile Red Kite gave some impressively close views, flying low over the grazing fields and circling overhead above the main reedbed.

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