Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wash Waders

Mist netting out on Terrington Marsh

A welcome change of luck, with a mixed catch of 60 birds (mainly Knot and Redshank) following a week of failed cannon netting attempts! Ken Hill Marsh produced a successfull catch of 17 Curlew, though all other efforts, either on Snettisham Beach or inland fields around Terrington or Holbeach, failed to deliver.

Taking down the hide on the sea wall, looking over the stubble fields

What do you get when you have 400 Curlew, and six stuffed decoys together in a field? Two inquisitive Marsh Harriers and an equally bold juvenile Peregrine... If you want to get close views of raptors then youre in for a treat, if however, you want to catch the Curlew that are there, you might have a problem. Both Sparrowhawk and Barn Owl were also seen, sat in an Elder bush along the bank, no more than 30 yards from the hide.

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